Top Ways to Avoid Slip and Fall Scams Now

Here are 3 simple but effective methods for cutting back on slip and fall scams:

  • Install video equipment and post notices that your property is under surveillance.
  • Keep video footage for as long as possible. A person can claim that the accident happened in the past.
  • Post slippery when wet signs wherever you are aware that floor surfaces become slippery.
  •  Test your coefficient of friction and use SLIPSTOP Florida floor treatments.
  • Gather and document all information as phone numbers, address etc.
  • Report the accident to you insurance company.
  • Contact the injured person within 24 hours.
  • For all acccidents, determine fact and circumstances.

Slip-and-fall lawsuits represent the lion’s share of accidents that come across an insurance adjuster’s desk. The reason behind that statistic is obvious: if you are at the back of the store when no one else is around, and the store owner hasn’t installed surveillance cameras, it’s nothing for slip-and-fall crooks to open the jar of water they carry in their pockets, dump it on the floor and pretend to fall. Usually quite loudly and heavily and to the subsequent accompaniment of full-throated groans and/or piercing cries of pain.

slip and fall scams

slip and fall scams

Trip-and-fall lawsuits are even easier to engineer; there is no water to carry and dump. Instead, shoppers in the above-described circumstance simply pick an item off the shelves, drop it on the floor, and “trip” over it.

Insurance fraud costs insured individuals more than $40 billion per year. This works out to between $400 and $700 per family per year in the United States, the cost almost entirely in the form of rising premiums. Unfortunately, these increasing costs, and the antics that result in them – some worthy of an Academy Award – are not confined to a particular demographic. They run the gamut from little old grandmother types to big burly men who look like they wouldn’t cry out if you skewered them through both kidneys.

According to the National Floor Safety Institute, three percent of slip and fall claims are faked. It may seem like a small percentage, until one considers the fact that claims and litigation in this area amount to almost $2 billion a year – less than the FBI estimate but only because a specific fraud is targeted.

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