slippery floor Trivia – Test Your Knowledge!

slippery floor

slippery floor

Answer true or false to the following questions. (Scroll down to see the answer key.)


  1. Slip and fall claims on slippery floor are on the rise since the start of the recession.
  2. Slip and fall lawsuits cost businesses $30 billion+ a year.
  3. Many floor surfaces that are not slippery when dry become virtual skating rinks when liquid spills on them.
  4. Businesses are required to protect visitors from falling on wet surfaces by providing a minimum coefficient of friction.
  5. The average business tested by SlipstopFlorida has a pre-treatment coefficient of friction less than legal guidelines.
  6. Most businesses pay slip and fall lawsuits without investigating claims because it is less expensive to settle out of court than go to trial.
  7. Most claims are settled before the case reaches a jury.
  8. According to NICB, when payments are made it leads to a vicious cycle of even more claims.
  9. Slip and fall claims are on the rise nationally since the start of the recession.





If you answered to TRUE to all of the questions you are right!

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