Slip and fall protection florida has now more than 35 years experience with occupational risk managers, loss control managers, architects and various safety professionals to minimize injuries caused by slips, trips and falls on wet surfaces. Slip and fall protection is as important as anything else when you start your new business.

We are internationally approved by many large companies. We cater to industrial accounts, hospitals, senior citizen homes, grocery chains, cruise ships, government buildings, resorts, spas and many other clients.

Our installations are in-house and of the highest quality because we do not use subcontractors.

 slip and fall prevention florida

slip and fall prevention florida

We supply all our customers with a high coefficient of friction after our anti slip treatment.

At this stage SLIPSTOP  will give the warranty to the customer. This warranty will stay in effect for however long the customer remains on our SLIPSTOP Cleaning Program, which can be for the lifetime of the floor surface, and is based on the customer following our recommendations; all to maintain customer due diligence, and to maintain the safety conditions of the treated floor surface. In doing so if an unfortunate slip fall accident should occur, the SLIPSTOP warranty will provide the customer with all relevant documentation showing that they have indeed taken all necessary practical steps, and their due diligence to provide and maintain a safer working environment.

Other companies may provide a warranty; however, this warranty usually is based only on the floor surface slip resistive qualities, and a time period where those slip resistant qualities will not be reduced. After which it is usually up to the client to do everything on their own to maintain the floor, which we would normally provide in our SLIPSTOP Cleaning Guidelines

SLIPSTOP, after talking to its very large international client base, has identified the need to provide this complete floor care solution – at no additional cost to the client – the SLIPSTOP Maintenance Program.

We provide staff training, ongoing written monitoring, ongoing advice, and most importantly, the necessary documentation showing customer due diligence.

We will provide all our customers with a Static and Dynamic friction test results after we competed our SLIPSTOP anti slip floor treatment.

slip and fall prevention florida

Slips, trips, and falls account for 15% of all accidental deaths, second only to automobile fatalities. They are the leading cause of accidents at CMU, accounting for 30% of all reported accidents.
What is the difference between a slip, trip, or fall? Very little, if you are the victim. The pain is the same, so it really doesn’t matter which of the three caused your accident, right? Actually, though, there really are some significant differences.
Slips occur when there is too little friction or traction between your feet and the walking surface. The most common causes of slips are wet surfaces, ice or other weather hazards, spills, and poor tread on footwear. Preventive measures include:
Wet surfaces: Shorten your stride, walk with feet pointed out slightly, and make wider turns.
Spills: Clean up immediately. If you are unfamiliar with the contents of the spill, contact EH&S (8-8182).
Weather hazards: Walk more slowly so you can react to traction changes. Wear slip resistant shoes or boots, and dry off shoes as soon as practical after entering a building (wet shoes on dry floors are as dangerous as dry shoes on wet floors). Wear sunglasses on sunny winter days so you can more easily see slippery areas.
Poor tread on footwear, or generally poor traction: Wear slip resistant footwear, apply abrasive strips to smooth walking surfaces, post warnings.
Trips commonly occur when you foot strikes an object and your momentum throws you off balance. To minimize the potential for this type of injury:
Do not allow carried packages to obstruct your view.
If glasses fog due to atmospheric changes, clear them immediately.
Use only proven walkways.
Close desk and file drawers when not in use.
Report burned out or missing lights.
Be aware of elevator threshold positions
Report any uneven or broken pavement, sidewalks, or handrails
Falls usually take place from one level to another. One of the most common examples of this type of injury at CMU involves falling down stairs. Another involves using chairs as ladders. Preventive measures include:
NEVER stand on a chair to reach a high object. Always use a ladder.
When using ladders, select the proper type and size, and use it properly. EH&S offers ladder training if you are unsure.
Walk up and down stairs, and never jump from the last step.
Use handrails.
Report any unsafe conditions.
There is one more precautionary tip that applies in all these cases, and that is to PAY ATTENTION TO WHAT YOU ARE DOING. This is among the most common causes of injuries, and is the easiest to correct. The best walking surfaces and ideal weather conditions won’t be of any help if you are not watching where you are going.
In addition to the ladder safety training mentioned above, EH&S offers training on how to prevent slips, trips, and falls, including those that take place in offices.

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slip and fall protection florida

slip and fall protection florida

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