Prevent Falls- 10 Steps You Can Take Right Now


Safety steps to prevent falls

According to the Mayo clinic, falls are the leading cause of injury among the elderly. It’s not just the elderly that is risk of injury though, everybody from children to the most fit adults can get injured by slip and fall accidents. Here are the steps that you can take to make sure that you prevent falls in your business:

1. Fasten down any loose flooring such as carpets that keep bunching up or electrical cords that cross a walkway.

2. Prevent falls by placing handrails in common slip and fall areas such as staircases.

3. Place signs such as Caution, Wet Floor as soon as you become aware of a spill. One cruise line was sued several million dollars because an employee forgot to place a wet floor sign after mopping a floor. The wet floor lead to an injury claim.

4. Train employees to be be vigilant and clean up slippery floor areas promptly.

5. If you have a restaurant or other business that is prone to slippery areas, such as cooking grease on floors, consider sturdy mats that prevent falls.

6. Maintain adequate lighting.

7. Warn of gradient changes in flooring.

8. Do not use floor polish, waxes and cleaners that increase the residue and shine on your floor. Many products such as degreasers leave a film on the surface of floors that increases the likelihood of a person falling.

9. Add bright, no skid tape to the front of steps.

10. Increase the coefficient of friction on your floor surface by using a SlipStop Florida anti slippery floor treatment. Contact SlipStop Florida for more information about increasing the coefficient of friction in your business.

Prevent Falls by Marcus Granstedt.

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