Hayden Ferry Lakeside, the most prominent office development in Tempe.

The 10-story office tower, located near the heart of Tempe’s Historic Mill Avenue, will offer unparalleled identity from the nearby 202 freeway and spectacular views of Tempe Town Lake, the surrounding mountains, foothills and skyline.

SLIPSTOP Florida Inc got the contract to SLIPSTOP anti slip treat and also use the marble sealer to more than 15000 sq f of Granite floors.




SLIPSTOP will always give the 5 year warranty to the customer. This warranty will stay in effect for however long the customer remains on our SLIPSTOP Cleaning Program, which can be for the lifetime of the floor surface, and is based on the customer following our recommendations; all to maintain customer due diligence, and to maintain the safety conditions of the treated floor surface. In doing so if an unfortunate slip fall accident should occur, the SLIPSTOP warranty will provide the customer with all relevant documentation showing that they have indeed taken all necessary practical steps, and their due diligence to provide and maintain a safer working environment.

Other companies may provide a warranty; however, this warranty usually is based only on the floor surface slip resistive qualities, and a time period where those slip resistant qualities will not be reduced. After which it is usually up to the client to do everything on their own to maintain the floor, which we would normally provide in our SLIPSTOP Cleaning Guidelines

SLIPSTOP, after talking to its very large international client base, has identified the need to provide this complete floor care solution – at no additional cost to the client – the SLIPSTOP Maintenance Program.

We provide staff training, ongoing written monitoring, ongoing advice, and most importantly, the necessary documentation showing customer due diligence.

We will provide all our customers with a Static and Dynamic friction test results after we competed our SLIPSTOP anti slip floor treatment.

Prevent slips trips and falls