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There is nothing more important than beautiful textiles when accessing the appearance of an outlet! In a busy and
heavy usage industry, such as the cruise industry, the appearance of upholsteries, curtains, sofa/chairs fabrics wall
fabrics and carpets, are essential in creating an elegant and clean environment.
That is to say: From the first spill! This is the beginning and it won’t take long before the room can’t stand daylight.
Instead of trying to remove a stain that’s already permanent, be prepared and anticipate by using EXTREME SURFACE PROTECTION

Our office in Florida opened in the year 2000 to serve the cruise industry however our business has now extended
to the Hotel industry. We have since then cleaned and protected textiles against all types of organic stains like
chocolate, red wine, coffee, blood or food stains, both domestic and abroad.
One of our latest jobs was the protection of carpets and upholstery on the new built ship from RCCL, “Allure of the, CARNIVAL BREEZE and Fountainbleau Hotel Miami.


We have developed a revolutionary system that encapsules every fiber in the fabric. This prevents dirt and fluids from penetrating and create a permanent stain.Our unique protection will protect each fiber in a new or newly-cleaned fabric or carpet and give it a surface that repeals soils and stains. Once applied it is non toxic and environmentally friendly.
Fabric protection cuts maintenance costs substantially, and because treated fabrics and carpets last longer, it also
cuts the overall life cycle costs of interiors.
EXTREME SURFACE PROTECTION protection gives exclusive benefits such as:
1. Reduction in operational maintenance cost
2. Reduction in sun bleaching
3. Reduction in permanent staining and soiling
4. Extend the life of the furniture and carpets
5. Fabric & Carpets will keep their new appearance.
You will find more information on how to maintain and take care of the textiles and carpets that’s been treated with
EXTREME SURFACE PROTECTION Specialized areas: • Textile protection • Carpet protection • Cleaning and restoration of carpets and upholstery • Leather protection and cleaning
To extend the lasting effects of the treatments and economic gains, we also offer to clean and maintain your textiles
on a regular basis after the treatment has taken place.
It is always the customer who decides when our specialists will do the protection.
We work around the operations with as little annoyance as possible and whenever
it is most convenient for our customers.
We guarantee a professional follow up based on our expertise and with a cost effective
We train and educate your cleaning personnel if necessary.
Further more, we are extremely proud of our fabric protection service as
EXTREME SURFACE PROTECTION has been used to preserve and protect interior fabrics and
carpets onboard many cruise ships and hotels and the feedback is very
EXTREME SURFACE PROTECTION  vs. Scotchguard – (Sealants and Coaters)
EXTREME SURFACE PROTECTION  (sealant) protects the individual fibers.
Advantage with sealants:
1. It protects fabrics against permanent staining and soiling
2. It is a multi-purpose fabric protector including a reduction in sun fade, mildew and static electricity
3. It does not change the color, feel or texture of the material.
FabricProtection is a superior fabric protector which protects the fiber by penetrating individually each one of them
instead of coating it.
Disadvantage with sealants:
Scotchguard (coaters) protects fabrics by increasing the surface tension between the fibers.
Advantage with the coaters:
1. Temporary protects fabrics against permanent staining.

Disadvantage with the coaters:
1. Stiffens the material because of the temporary bond between the fibers; this bond between the fibers is
easily broken by scratching, stretching or folding the material
2. This type of fabric protection will coat the fiber but will not penetrate it
3. Limited fabric protector which will only last for a short time of period.
When deciding on FabricProtection, please consider the following three points:
1. The total investment in the interior furnishing
2. The projected dollar figure of operational maintenance over a three to five year period
3. Depreciation of the investment due to use of harsh chemicals and shampoos versus normal hot water
* Normal hot water extraction does not affect the neutral PH factor of carpets and other interior furnishings which
give the furnishing a higher resistance to soil build up.
How does the FabricProtection works on the fibers:
1.EXTREME SURFACE PROTECTION forms an invisible barrier around each strand of the fiber, making the carpet or fabric
virtually impervious to water-born solutions and normal soiling.
2. Not allowing dry soil to penetrate into the fibers, FabricProtection not only increases the efficiency of
vacuuming, but helps prolong the life of the fabric by reducing friction and the sandpaper effect caused by
general soil build up. As build up is decreased, the need for professional cleaning is decreased, but not
eliminated entirely
3. Although it has been determined that cleaning with low to neutral pH detergents will not remove the
FabricProtection protection, they are not really necessary for use in cleaning, thereby leaving no
detergent residue in the fabric to attract more soil.
EXTREME SURFACE PROTECTION  will reduce your maintenance cost and help prolong the new appearance desired for all your

Below are listed some of FabricProtection customers using EXTREME SURFACE PROTECTION

Cruise companies

Carnival Cruise Lines
Princess Cruises
Holland America Line
Norwegian Cruise Line
Royal Caribbean Cruise Line
Star Cruises


Carnival Spirit
Carnival Pride
Carnival Legend
Carnival Conquest
Carnival Glory
Carnival Miracle
Carnival Valor
Norwegian Majesty
Norwegian Pearl
Norwegian Sky
Norwegian Sun
Norwegian Dream
Norwegian Sea
Norwegian Dawn
Norwegian Jewel
Norwegian Gem
Allure of the Seas
Liberty of the Seas
Star Cruises
Pride of America
Pride of Aloha
Superstar Virgo
Superstar Leo


St Regis Bal Harbour

Marriott Courtyard Aventura

Ritz Carlton

Delano Miami Beach

Furniture Stores:

Armani Casa

Casa Gio Miami

Trend Design




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