Behind The Scenes- Slip and Fall Protection For The Largest Cruise Ship in The World

The Allure of the Seas

Slip and Fall Prevention on the Largest Cruise Ship in the World.


October 2010 Alllure of The Seas, the largest cruise ship in the world, started her voyage from the Turkish shipyard in which she was constructed to her home Port Everglades, Florida. Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines, whose genius enabled this floating paradise, placed the safety of its passengers and crew as a topmost priority.

Before the first passenger was allowed on the ship, SLIPSTOP’s team was brought on board to to treat over 100,000 square feet of floor. The tile selected for the ship was both beautiful and highly slip resistant, but RCL added a wise layer of protection for the safety of its passengers. SlipStop’s team applied anti-slip treatments to walkways, bars, restaurants, malls, elevators and terraces throughout the cruise ship. When the job was completed the coefficient of friction tested higher than industry standards and RCL was backed by a 5 year warranty from SLIPSTOP.

The journey across the Atlantic lasted 2 weeks. SLIPSTOP’s Florida’s crew was proud to play an essential slip and fall prevention part in something this incredible. The Allure pulled in to her home port and was greeted by a cheering audience of thousands. Now the ship is one of the most beautiful on the ocean, complete with the cruise world’s first outdoor park where passengers can safely stroll and enjoy a starlit night.

By Marcus Granstedt


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