Southern Community Bank Building Orlando

Before the opened the Southern Community Bank Building in Orlando they needed to make sure all the floors met the coefficient of friction 0.5+. SLIPSTOP was then contracted to anti slip treat major areas inside the building.




The revolutionary SLIPSTOP treatments are and sealers for granite, and marble offer safety never before experienced on polished stone. Used at Gatwick airport, Eurostar terminal, Disneyland, QE2 and numerous cruise ships for Carnival Cruise Line, Princess Cruise line, Norwegian Cruise Line, Star Cruises and P&O Cruises.

Provides excellent slip resistance, unique surface protection and easy maintenance. SLIPSTOP eliminates slip accidents at a fraction of the cost of any reliable alternative. Fast convenient application with no drying time, or curing time. One single application is guaranteed for 5 years.

SLIPSTOP treatments are suitable for ceramic tiles, concrete, natural stones etc. They can be applied to interior as well as exterior surfaces and are equally effective against problems caused by condensation and liquid spillage.

Anti slip treatments ensure that your floor conforms to international standards.

SLIPSTOP has become the world’s leading specialist in floor safety. With over 35 years hands on experience, extensive research and development, unrivaled expertise, and local representation in more than 35 countries world-wide, we have the products and the knowledge required to solve almost any slip problem.

Prevent slips trips and falls